I’m Employed, What’s Next?

Good news, there is an update on my employment status!

I’ve been hired on at the company I just left, but in a different role in a different position. It’s an entry level job, but I enjoy the work and there may be chance for promotion. I had a good experience in this division when I worked in it over a year ago, so I’m hoping for improvement in working conditions and with my health as well.

Getting hired does change what some of my goals were for this blog. I’m still going to aim to post every Tuesday and Thursday, but that may be updated as I adjust to working again. There are some features I would like to introduce eventually, but they won’t happen for now.

I’m happy that I’ll be making a steady income again, I think working regularly is good for my mental health. Contributing financially to my household helps me to feel like less of a drain on our resources. I’m not sure what the future will bring or where my health will be later, but I’m looking forward to this opportunity. Thank you everyone who gave me words of support during this time.


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